ASIJ Reaches Out to Japan

Dear Friends of ASIJ,

During the past few days we have received an outpouring of support and concern from friends of the ASIJ community
around the world regarding the earthquake and tsunami disaster in northern Japan. We know that many people have
a part of their heart in Japan and feel incredible compassion for the events that have taken place and the continuing
aftermath. It means so much to us to receive your support and encouragement during this time.

The situation at ASIJ-Tokyo

When the earthquake struck, all ASIJ students, faculty and staff safely evacuated. We are also fortunate to report that
there was no structural damage to any buildings on either campus, and no injuries. However, due to damage to power
plants in northeast Japan, Tokyo has scheduled rotating power cuts, fewer trains are running and fuel supplies are
somewhat unreliable. As a result, we discontinued classes through to our Spring Break, but plan to resume school on
March 28. We feel safe and positive about continuing school as we find the best ways to work within the limitations of
our situation. Our faculty has connected with their students and they are connected to their classes virtually so learning
continues. Some faculty members have left early for Spring Break. Many remain in Tokyo with their families.

What can I do for the hard-hit Tohoku region?

As most everyone in the world has now seen, large parts of the east coast of the Tohoku region of Japan north of Tokyo
have been absolutely devastated by the tsunami, including the damage to a number of nuclear power plants there. First
responders arrived on the scene quickly, including the U.S. military, and are providing rescue and medical care. Second
responders have also begun delivering food, fresh water, clothes and supplies to shelters.

Many friends of ASIJ have contacted us asking “How can I help?” Various relief experts and aid organizations have
advised us that what are most needed at this time are financial donations. There will surely come a time when physical
goods and/or manpower may be needed to continue to rebuild the affected areas. However, at this point the situation is
changing daily and professional emergency relief organizations need continuous financial support to get the goods they
determine are needed on the ground and to continue their operations.

ASIJ is accepting donations to the ASIJ Earthquake Relief Fund account below. We will hold, disperse and report the use
of these funds as we learn what is really needed, where shortages are occurring, the best avenues to help the hardest hit
areas and the organizations doing an efficient job of helping the people who need help most. Bank transfers can be made

Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Ajisai Branch
4-9-2, Kokuryocho, Chofu-shi, Tokyo, Japan 182-0022
Checking Account No. 4970998
Account Name: The American School in Japan Foundation

東京都調布市国領町4-9-2 郵便番号182-0022
口座名  アメリカン スクール イン ジャパン フアウンデイシヨン

We thank you again for your heartwarming support during the past few days.